The website reports on the progress of nine real investment trust portfolios including same-day details of trades, revised weightings and yields - its layout reflects our investment policy in being simple, clear and effective. Members are notified by email and Twitter whenever the website is updated – the last update being on 4 December 2021.

The portfolios achieve a range of investment remits and income objectives with yields of up to 5.2%. Five portfolios pursue an investment journey which, over time, sees them increasingly diversify away from equities into other asset classes in order to reduce risk and so protect past gains, while generating a higher income.

The following ‘open’ pages contain more details:

  • Rationale: contains a summary of the nine portfolios and overview of website pages
  • Performance: shows the portfolios are performing well relative to benchmarks
  • Diversification: describes the five portfolios’ risk-adjusted journey which ends with a 4.1% yield
  • FAQs: addresses those questions most commonly asked by members
  • Investment policy: summarises our investment approach and history
  • Subscription: allows visitors to register for a trial and members to log in

In 2009, John started reporting on the Summer and Autumn portfolios in his monthly Investors Chronicle column (where they are called ‘Growth’ and ‘Income’), and established the website in 2014, to help investors avoid the mistakes he made when first investing at the age of 27. The website is therefore primarily designed and priced to assist members with smaller portfolios.

Our loyal and growing membership suggest the website’s evolving balance between service and cost is being well received. However, although the website caters for members with portfolios of all sizes, those looking for a discretionary management service may wish to follow the link www.baronandgrant.com 

Otherwise, John also addresses investment seminars, contributes to publications including ‘The Investment Trusts Handbook 2021’, and recently published a further edition of ‘The Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts’. The Investment policy page contains more details and background.
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